Our Team

At Lisburn Cathedral we have a team of staff who are responsible for different areas of ministry.

Each year the congregation appoint a group of volunteers to serve on the Select Vestry, who are responsible for the finances, fabric and fittings of the Cathedral.

Below is our ministry team and vestry. You can click on each team member to find out more about them and their role in the Cathedral.

  • Sam Wright

    Sam Wright
    Dean of Lisburn Cathedral

  • Lee Boal

    Lee Boal
    Curate of Lisburn Cathedral

  • Stephen McLoughlin

    Stephen McLoughlin
    Worship co-ordinator

  • Reah Lee

    Reah Lee
    Youth Worker

  • Pete Meenagh

    Pete Meenagh
    Church Plant Leader

  • Andrew Skelly

    Andrew Skelly
    Organist & Choir Master

  • Angela Montgomery

    Angela Montgomery

  • Andrea Johnston

    Andrea Johnston
    Children's Worker

Select Vestry

The business committee known as the Select Vestry exists to manage the money and buildings as effectively as it can, so that the Cathedral’s ministry and outreach are well resourced.

  • Richard Thompson
  • Rachel McIlwrath
  • Richard Norris & Heather Gibson
    Glebe Wardens
  • Grace Broddle & David Davidson 
    Church Wardens

Hayley Howe

Ken Gibson

Simon Sellars

Billy Moore

Jo-Anne Irwin

Martin Lester

Steve Martin

Michael McCune

Tim Flanigan

Rodney Dowling

Tam Dikibo

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