Visiting the Cathedral

Thank you for your interest in visiting us! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Before you leave the house, we want to make you aware of one or two parking issues.

Because we have limited space, you may have to find alternative parking outside the Cathedral grounds, especially if you are joining us for a big event, a conference, a Diocesan service, a funeral or a wedding.

The Cathedral operates a barrier system which, unless you have a key fob, means that access is restricted. If you have a meeting with a staff member before lunchtime, we will be able to let you through if you call the office to let us know.

For large gatherings, please note the google map below which will guide you to parking within short walking distance from the Cathedral. The large car park is directly across the road from Lisburn Health Centre and the Library, other on-street parking facilities are available close to the Cathedral in addition to a large multi-storey car park at the bottom of the town.

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