What is WHO?

A series of 4 sessions, which explores 4 identities which are core to Christianity:

The Holy Spirit
The Church

The online resource includes videos; discussion questions; and read, listen & pray resources to help your young people engage as individuals and as a group.

All the online resources you need are available at www.lisburncathedral.org/mettle/who

How can I use WHO? online resources with my group?
As a leader, you could lead your group through an exciting adventure to encounter God. There are a few basic guidelines that will help ensure a good experience for your young people

  • We recommend that you use Zoom to engage with your group. This will allow you to share your screen and watch the video together. Make sure you are familiar with Zoom before you begin.
  • Review the upcoming weekly session ahead of time, so that you are familiar with the material and questions.
  • Use the feature videos on your social media to encourage your young people by giving them an idea of what you’ll be discussing at your next session.
  • Ask everyone to bring a Bible, notebook and pen to each session. Encourage them to take notes and write down questions throughout the video.
  • There will be places to pause the video and answer some discussion questions.
  • Pray for your young people on a daily basis.

Got questions about WHO?

You can get in touch by emailing mettle@lisburncathedral.org

With thanks to the following young people who dreamed up, created, contributed to and produced this series and the online resource:

Euan Cummings, Matthew Cairns, Ryan McGucken, Jack Netherton, Laura McCullough, Rachael Martin, Lucy Duckworth

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